Stakeholders’​ survey!

Upon the launch of the #CoBiol website, we have invited you in our previous post by Thomas Helmer Pedersen to #takepart in our #survey and share your inputs and experiences.[...]

CO-HTL4BIO-OIL is presenting at ICCE 2022!

📢 CO-HTL4BIO-OIL is presenting today at the 18th International Conference on Clean Energy – ICCE 2022. Have a closer look[...]

Encouraging brand owners to switch to bio based


My experience as project manager: A catalyst for accelerating CoBiol’s stakeholder engagement

Glad to share my experience as project manager via participating in the course Project Management for Researchers – Modules A[...]


CoBiol is admittedly an ambitious project and aims to address the research questions “What kind of FUTURE do we want[...]

Consortium meeting

The first quarterly consortium meeting was held on August 26, 2021. The meeting opened with the presentation of the work[...]

Together for Sustainability

Fatma Marrakchi, a MSCA-postdoc at AAU Energy, Aalborg University, and member of Advanced Biofuels research group lead by Assoc. Prof.[...]