Together for sustainability is the brand of green research and researchers. Fatma Marrakchi, a MSCA postdoc at AAU Energy and a member of the Advanced Biofuels research group led by Assoc. Prof. Thomas Helmer Pedersen, reports that CoBiol addresses competitive CO-HTL technology for the conversion of unexplored organic wastes by adjusting their biochemical composition into ready-to-market advanced novel biocrude oil with a similar performance to conventional fuels yet with a substantially low carbon footprint. The pioneering insights of CoBiol will promote the concept of together for sustainability and resource-effective green transportation and provide an innovative and focal point in Europe for sustainable and profitable management of food processing wastes towards a circular economy.

Posted by Thomas Helmer Pedersen on LinkedIn 

“One of the main objectives in CoBiol, and other ongoing projects, is to “close the loops” in a circular economy context. We need to minimize pressure on fossil resources and enable the harvesting of renewable energy and other valuable products contained in waste streams. CoBiol can help us creating those innovative technologies that will make us more resourceful in the future. We also need circularity to reach together for sustainability.” as explained by Thomas Helmer Pedersen.